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The Packages

I have a passion for love, equality, respect and specialising in LGBTQIA weddings. Being a part of the queer community I've had many couple's who have chosen me to be their celebrant as I realise the importance of belonging, having the right language and wanting non-traditional weddings.


You can trust me to take care of your celebration, and to make it what the two of you are really wanting out of your day. I am a mum to 2 beautiful little girls, been married to my wife for 9 years. I am a total animal lover, being a Veterinary Nurse for over 10 years. Thinking of bringing or including your pet in your ceremony? Amazing! 

Elopement Style Wedding:

This is for the couple choosing to ‘Elope’ with ONLY their two witnesses.
This is a 5-minute registry style wedding.
The focus being entirely on the couple getting married. Only the legal words are
People included on the day: Partner 1, Partner 2, Witness 1, Witness 2 and
celebrant. If you are looking to celebrate on a budget but with style, something
stress-free and no fuss, quick yet meaningful and memorable then this is a good
It is the same as getting married at the Registry Office, but instead at your own
chosen location, with me! For example, your favourite spot at a beach, park, near the
water. I have lots of suggestions for available locations.

On the day:

• The couple sign declarations that they are over the age of 18 years, not legally married to anyone else and are not directly related to each other (before the ceremony)
• The couple gets married in a simple, quick ceremony:
1. Just the legal words
2. Personal and legal vows are exchanged.
3. Rings exchanged.
• The ‘Certificate of Marriage’ is signed by the couple and 2 witnesses and then presented to the couple.


A Personalised Wedding Ceremony:


For the couple that wants a personalised wedding ceremony at their chosen
location or venue.
People included on the day: Partner 1, Partner 2, Witness 1, Witness 2 and
Wedding parties: non-gender specific-attendants, Honour attendants, Teams
Bride/Groom, Best people, best person, Flower girls, Paige Boys, Ring Bearers...
whomever you want involved! Plus, an unlimited number of guests.
You may incorporate up to 2 readings, your choice of ritual/s, a toast to the couple, or
anything else that you may want. The ceremony can be whatever you both want it to
On average, a ceremony like this can go for anywhere between 15 - 30 minutes
depending on your individual needs.

1. An obligation free meeting (in person or over the phone)
2. A meeting with the couple to complete the necessary Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM). This must be competed no more than 18  months before your wedding date, and no less than one month before the date of the wedding.
3. Completion/ submission of all legal documents to register the marriage.
4. A full unique and personalized ceremony written especially for you.
5. Support to help guide you to write your own vows.
6. You may include 1-2 readings in your ceremony.
7. Your choice of any ritual/s.
8. A Wedding information kit. This includes:
     • Deposit invoice.
     • Legal wording options to choose from.
     • Pronouncing ideas.
     • Couples love story questionnaire.
     • How to write your own vows.
     • Fun wedding inclusions.
     • An outline of what a wedding ceremony looks like, what is involved, options for what you would like or not like included.
9. Arrival 45 minutes prior to the ceremony starting.
10. Co-ordination with musicians, photographers and others as needed at the ceremony.

11. The celebrant will provide their PA system that is of excellent quality and sound.
12. Your Marriage Ceremony.
13. Officiating your ceremony on the day with a commemorative ‘Certificate of Marriage’.
14. Being available before and after for photos.
15. Same day Registration of marriage with Births Deaths and Marriages.
16. The option for the Celebrant to apply to Births, Deaths, and Marriages on your behalf for your ‘Official Certificate of Marriage’ (needed for change of surname).
17. The option for the Celebrant to provide own signing table and 2 chairs.
18. Travel within 20km’s of the Inner West.
19. Unlimited phone and email contact.
20. You will be the only wedding booked in for that day.

Optional extras available from births, deaths and marriages NSW:

• ‘Standard Wedding Certificate’ $65 (needed to change surname after the wedding). The Celebrant will lodge all the necessary legal paperwork for the couple and get the certificate sent to their allocated address via post within 2 weeks.
• ‘Commemorative plus standard’ package at: $95. This is a themed wedding certificate to display in your home. For more information and designs to choose from please go to:


Included in this package:

1. A meeting with the couple to complete the necessary ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form.
2. All legal paperwork done by celebrant (registration of marriage, marriage certificate)
3. Phone and email contact.
4. Your Marriage Ceremony.
5. Officiating your ceremony on the day with a commemorative ‘Certificate of Marriage’.
6. Same day lodgement of all legal paperwork.

7. The option for the celebrant to apply to Births, Deaths, and Marriages on your behalf for your ‘Official Certificate of  Marriage’ (needed for change of surname).

8. Travel within 20km’s of the Inner West.

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